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Hydraulic Breakers - Made in Italy

Hydraulic Breakers
Made in Italy

Ultra High Technology  -  Silenced and Underwater Hammers  -  Customized Spare Parts for All Brands
Spare Parts upon Drawings or Samples
Reconditioned Second Hand Breakers  -  Production and Sale
Our Affordable Prices as Manufacturers  -  the Best Value for Money


IMI58R - IMI140R - IMI160R

    IMI58R             IMI140R            IMI160R

IMI170M - IMI240M - IMI290M

    IMI170M            IMI240M         IMI290M


  IMI88HP        IMI400ASIA      IMI260TOP

IMI260 - IMI260JCB - IMI400TOP

      IMI260      IMI260JCB        IMI400TOP

IMI400HK - IMI605 - IMI1010

IMI400HK            IMI605              IMI1010

IMI1200 - IMI18M - IMI26M

  IMI1200               IMI18M               IMI26M

Spare Parts for All Brands

Spare Parts for All Brands

    If you are looking for reliable rock breakers or spare parts, don't wait to call us, or send the free contact form   Information  below, we'll contact you back to offer you free advice or send you a customized offer that fits your needs.  For all your needs, advice is free even after the sale.
    Because when we talk about hydraulic hammers, you want to get the highest quality, efficiency and compliance at the lowest prices, with guarantee and the assistance of a very reliable manufacturer with a long term experience.
    With the best value for money, exceptionally very competitive, our jack hammers will ensure maximum efficiency and adherence to the regulations, with a worthwhile investment that will last for many years.
    We offer you customized hydraulic breakers or standard models: high-technology and high-performance is always guaranteed. Below we list the major typologies and models: IMI-9M, IMI-88HP, IMI-18M, IMI-26M, IMI-260, IMI-260 TOP, IMI-400, IMI-400 TOP, IMI-605, IMI-58M, IMI-1010, IMI-1200, IMI-140R, IMI-160R, IMI-170M, IMI-240M, IMI-290M,IMI-260 JCB, IMI-400 HK, IMI-400 ASIA.


Very High Efficiency and Productivity

    Our jack hammers always require very low maintenance, for the benefit of very high efficiency and productivity. The casing is especially designed to reduce emitted noise, avoiding stressing you and the surrounding environment. The power adjusts automatically to the type of rock, so that you can successfully deal with any situation.

Standard Compatibility with All Machines

    You can fit our hydraulic hammers on every type of machine of any brand and ask us for a breaker of any operating weight which you need, always guaranteeing the highest quality, technology and reliability on the market, compared with the jack hammers that our competitors offer.

the Excellent Results

    The several special tools we provide with the breaker and the simple design of our hammer will make your work and maintenance easier. You can buy our hydraulic breakers as standard ones, silenced, pressurized or underwater - each series may include several models.

the Solution to Your Every Need

    With our advanced technology, developed with constant research and real testing, you will always be relying on our most powerful and most suitable solution for your specific case.

the Best Value for Money

    Producing spare parts for rock breakers of all brands and giving value to second hand or reconditioned hammers with great savings for your economy, we'll also offer you the Best Value for Money as manufacturers.

  Why Choose Us  

    As one of the first companies to produce spare parts for all brands of hydraulic hammers, we well know the needs of our numerous customers, all very satisfied with the reliability, high quality assurance and affordable prices that we offer.
    We cooperate technically with all our customers, both before and after sale. We'll help you make the right choice, as well as we will also provide you our special spare parts with the advice, assistance and availability that has distinguished us from other producers for 40 years.
    With us you have a unique and direct contact: we work with our specialized personnel in Design, Production, Sales, Installation, Assistance, Recycling, and tailor-made Customization of your hydraulic breaker. You can also buy our reconditioned second hand jack hammers; we produce special tools, customized spare parts upon your request or upon sample or drawing; we also repair your breaker of any brand.
    Our hydraulic breakers also fully comply with all regulatory requirements for protecting the environment and above all your health, avoiding useless and damaging penalties. So you will protect also your investment, as well as you will ensure a very quick return in terms of your productivity.

Be Wary of Unreliable Offers

    Because it was not easy to make our hydraulic hammers comply with all international laws that are currently in force.   Contact us  now and you also will discover the other Quality and Convenience of Idromeccanica Italiana !
    Call    or, to be contacted, send us now the free contact form   Information  .


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